♪ ♪ ♪ [BRUNO BECHER] I came to Bard because when I visited I noticed that there was a real
upcoming Physics Program here. I met a lot of great
professors at Bard. I’m a double major right now in
both Physics and Written Arts. I was kind of looking for a school that would let me study physics but would also let me pursue my other interests. [YANPEI] Professors will even encourage
freshmen to join their own project. So you can do research with a professor,
even start from your first day at Bard. That’s amazing, I would say. [NATHALIE JONES] I study
graphene under my professor, Paul. Graphene is basically pencil lead,
but a one-atom-thin layer. I’m researching gauge fields. These are the building
blocks of all of our best theories in physics. There’s a large project happening
in the field of physics right now called LIGO, which is seeking to measure
gravitational waves passing over us, which would be bending space-time. Their goal is to detect gravitational waves, and our goal is to help in
the optics of that. I am writing a program to make exoplanet mapping faster by
implementing an analytic solution to the numerical code that already exists. [ISOBEL] Physics is a really, really hard subject, and I think that the small classes for
me enabled me to really dive deeper into what I was learning. [ZACHARY HAIT] All the attention I get is very
personalized. [NATHALIE] I know every single one of the professors and I’d feel totally comfortable
asking any of them for help. [COLE] The Physics department has been arranging Physics Friday seminars. [BRUNO] We’ll invite an outside speaker, who might talk on black holes or suns or life on other planets. [YU-TIEN CHOU] After the lecture, we all sit down
together and have pizza and talk casually. It really humanizes the whole experience. This past year I started on my Senior Project. The topic is on practice room
acoustics. I think it’s a great way for me to relate both my
majors, Music and Physics. ♪ ♪ ♪ We know what we like for practice rooms, but we don’t really know why some
of them are better than the others. [ISOBEL] I just completed my Senior Project. I built a radio interferometer telescope.
I just wanted to combine all of my passions and do something that pushed
all the boundaries and pushed all the limits of what I’ve learned at Bard.