another big announcement made here in
the UCA boardroom this week this generous gift will impact students for
many years to come Bunny and Carol Adcock have established a 1 million
dollar endowment for study abroad opportunities at the University of
Central Arkansas the purpose of this endowment is to allow our students to
study abroad our belief is that that there’s a formal education classroom but
there’s also an education outside the classroom and that’s what happens with
this this is where people will go into foreign cultures and they’ll live with
families in these cultures they’ll speak the language because people don’t speak
English there and they’ll have to learn the customs and the religions and the
beliefs and so forth and it’s a it is as much of Education it’s what you get
sitting in the classroom UCA Board of Trustee Bunny Adcock says he is
passionate about study abroad because his wife Carol noticed the need while
working as a foreign language instructor at UCA in the 1970s as I was here at UCA
I was the foreign language teacher would go and look at the students of student
teaching and schools and I saw how important it was for them to be able to
tell the students experiences about living in the country as well as being
able to speak the language it’s a gift that will give many students a unique
way of learning and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it’s it’s incredibly
important that students to get get funding for projects like this because a
lot of times you know in my case if I wouldn’t have gotten these scholarships
I probably wouldn’t have been able to go on the trip just because you know I have
a part-time job but I’m it’s not enough to pay for you know plane tickets cost
of living for a month all that so it’s it’s crucial that some type of funding
does exist for these two want to go on these trips for more
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