Hi guys! My name is Becca, and I’m a senior
elementary education major here at ISU. When I was a sophomore, I was able to study
abroad at the University of Limerick in Ireland. So, I’m just here to talk to you guys a little
about the opportunities that Limerick has to offer if you decide to study there. Or
even if you don’t decide to study there, you should definitely study abroad because it’s
fabulous. Limerick itself if a city on the Western side
of Ireland. I think it’s the third biggest city in all of Ireland, and it’s on the opposite
coast of Dublin. But have no fear, it’s only about a two hour bus ride to get across the
whole island because it’s a super small island. So it’s easy to get to Dublin and all of the
other big cities and anything else that you would want to see. The busses and trains in
Ireland are very easy to navigate, and it’s very easy to see the whole country if you
want to. If you want to just stay in Ireland for the semester, there’s so much to see.
I highly recommend taking advantage of any trips that you can take around the island.
But the campus itself is only about a 10 to 15 minute bus ride from Limerick city, and
the city itself has a lot of things for students as far as shopping, restaurants, and there’s
a castle in town that’s really fabulous. It’s huge and beautiful. There’s a farmer’s market
that I know is there on the weekends, it might even be there during the week. Limerick’s
campus also has a lot to offer for students, obviously. There’s a lot of really fabulous
student organizations that you can join. There are some sports teams if you want to do that.
And as far as academics, you can go and take some more gen ed classes. It will fill some
gen ed requirements at Illinois State, which is what I did, or specifically if you’re a
KNR major, you can go and do an exchange at Limerick, which is fabulous because that means
you don’t have to pay tuition which makes it super cheap. And their facilities are really,
really impressive. So, if you’re a KNR major, definitely look into it. But even if you’re
not KNR, Limerick is a fabulous school with opportunities for anyone of any major. So
I highly recommend checking it out. But if you feel like Limerick is not for you, still
definitely look into studying abroad somewhere else. Go into the office, talk to one of our
advisors, talk to one of our Study Abroad Ambassadors, and see if you can find somewhere
that works for you because studying abroad is definitely the best decision I made for
all of college. So good, in fact, that i’m going to do it again this semester. So, definitely
look into studying abroad and look into Limerick if you think this sounds cool.