Working etiquette. Remember the camera person
and the sound person takes their directions from the producer. Don’t hesitate to voice
your opinion when asked. Remember you are the expert in telling a visual story. Make
sure you have a pleasant and professional attitude. Do not complain. There are many
instances where you can be put into situations that are very unpleasant, but nobody likes
to hear complaints. This is one of the worst things you can do. Running gun. In other words,
always be prepared with your gear to shoot something that may occur unplanned. For example,
you may be waiting with your sound person for an interview, but an important politician
walks through the lobby and you need a shot of him. Be organized. There are two approaches
to being organized. One is to be organized mentally. To have everything very clear in
your mind so you will respond automatically. The second thing is to be sure that your gear
is organized at all times and you are ready to shoot at any given moment. Make sure you
know where your tapes are, your spare batteries, your camera light. Also, the sound person
should make sure he has plenty of fresh batteries and the backup mics are readily available.
Also carry a hardwire in the event a wireless mic goes down.