The main benefit of an internship at the University
of Canberra in the communications degree is that the students get to apply what they have
learnt in theory over a few years of study into a practical kind of application in the
workplace. The major benefits I see of internships is
mixing the theory the students are learning during their course during their degree and
mixing that with the practical experience while they are out there in the workforce
and while they are doing that they are not just getting that experience but they are
also developing networks, developing contact out there they can use later on. A second
advantage with the internships is I guess its very competitive out there now I like
to refer to it as the global village so the global village is the students are competing
against student from anywhere in the world and so therefore to get that added experience
they can add onto their CV when they leave university is so important these days. And
of course there is another advantage at UC here we get credit points towards their degree
so that is something else they can put on their resume. The major benefits for internships for students
is having the ability to combine theoretical knowledge into the workplace, it gives students
a real taste of the working environment and a chance to try out their chosen industry
before graduation. Another major benefit of the internship obviously
is that you make networks, you make contacts, you get some great experience working for
an organization in your chosen sector or your chosen field and it might be that if you have
a good supervisor, if you impress that supervisor that you can get a reference – very important
that you get a professional reference for that first job in your career or you might
even get work from that internship, and quite a few of our students do get offered work
from their internship placements The best part about undertaking an internship
I think is actually being able to see the real world application of the things that
you lean at University, weather it be the knowledge, the theories, the practices whatever
it may be, seeing it in the real world is a whole different experience and its something
that I think is really important looking at new jobs. They can reflect better and when you start
applying for jobs and serious jobs, interviews etc. you are much more reflective in the way
you answer the questions at the interview and that is what future employers are after.