[This spoof video was created before the book was launched.] [The author knew he couldn’t afford to hire the legendary Big B] [So he did the next best (?) thing.] [He tried his hand at mimicry, not knowing that he sucks at it.] [Fortunately, readers ignored the quality of this video and made the book a best-seller.] Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to ‘Who wants to be an MBA?’ Today’s question is related to ‘RoI’ Meaning ‘Return on Investment’ If you had 250 Rupees to spare How would you spend it? Your options are as follows A. Burger B. Lottery C. Movie D. Invest in your future Pick up your phone and let us know what’s your answer If you’ve chosen ‘A’ then we request you to check your cholesterol level. If you chose option’B’ then chances are high that you’ll go bankrupt before the next Diwali (popular Indian festival). Stop gambling! If you chose option ‘C’ you seem to be living less in the real world and more in a fantasy world. If you chose option ‘D’ Then that’s the RIGHT ANSWER!!! [Hope you forgive the author for overestimating his mimicry skills.] [And read the book anyway. It’s much better than this video] [A ‘like’ below would be nice!]