My name is Tami Saunders and I’m from
Sugar City, Idaho. I have a bachelor’s degree in social work, it was just time that I
knew that I needed to move on and pursue my higher education. Before I started the
program I was scared of you know could I do it, I had gone ten years since my
bachelor’s degree to now and I was just scared. How hard would it be what would
it entail I have a family and so don’t be so scared to start, I would do it
sooner. My classmates were awesome we got we formed such a bond, we’d meet in
Google Hangouts and and talk on Blackboard and discussion boards and
stuff we really got to know each other well and created such a good support
system. They tell you online about how many hours your classes are gonna take
and that’s pretty true. I don’t know that they were hard or easier it’s just the
time you put into it and the content you’re trying to get out of it. I spent a
lot of time studying because I wanted the content not just necessarily to bust
through a class. Everybody was so good making sure that we had everything
we needed in our field positions and everything like that so it made it
really seamless. We always knew we had support and that we were never left on our
own to figure things out. I’m most proud to show my kids to show my students back
at the high school that they can do hard things, that’s awesome. I got offered a job
in a private practice clinic. I’m gonna be doing some clinical counseling as
well as being a counselor at a high school. If you’re considering the program
someone you know my age I’m a little bit older and I have a family and I had a job,
the online program was super doable for me. You can get the other things done you
need to and go home at night and do your homework when you can do it. It’s not something that’s impossible, it’s very
doable for someone in my situation who needs to be able to work on it
when they can on their schedule so the online program was great