hey everybody in this video I’m going
over the best brain vitamins for studying we’ve got the top eight and I’m
gonna quickly mention to you what they are how you can get them and why they’re
important Plus stay till the end and I’ve got a special treat for you telling
you about a supplement that contains all of them plus more in a nootropic stack
let’s go hey everybody my name is Johnny I’m a student at the University of
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you so you can sit back relax and enjoy this while we learn something
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okay to just let me know cool so first and foremost just because I have a beard
does not mean I’m a doctor what so before you supplement anything into
your diet you should definitely check with a doctor and see what your brain
needs before you run around putting a bunch of stuff in your body I think
that’s really important and I’m not a doctor so so I’m gonna run you down a
list of b3 b5 b6 b9 b12 C e and D these are all important brain vitamins and
I’ll tell you why so because all of us here are really really smart and we
already know that vitamins are just organic compounds that the body’s not
able to synthesize by itself that we need to supplement for and we
usually get that in our diet since everybody already knew that we can start
talking about so vitamin b3 is niacin niacin helps promote energy production
promotes metabolic activity metabolic repair and function some of the research
I looked at which is going to be in the description below shows that depression
and anxiety and memory loss are some symptoms of not getting
nice and typically if you’re eating meat fish legumes nuts whole grain cereals
you’re probably getting enough niacin already the recommended daily allowance
is between 14 and 16 milligrams depending on if you’re male or female
next is vitamin b5 pantothenic acid pantothenic acid helps your body produce
coenzyme a coenzyme a helps your body produce cholesterol amino acids
phospholipids important neurotransmitters and steroid hormones
not getting enough vitamin b5 can lead to demyelination of your neurons so your
neurons are kind of like an electric cable wrapped in rubber insulating and
the myelin sheath is the rubber insulation so when your brain cells are
d myelinated they don’t work as well essentially they slow down and some
issues can come up you’re probably already getting this from your meats
whole-grain cereals and broccoli shoutout wrap like huge Ram I don’t have
the copyrights for it though about five milligrams a day that’s what you needed
that so vitamin b6 is really important to brain function specifically vitamin
b6 is a really touchy compound it helps regulate the rate that neurotransmitters
are produced really important neurotransmitters like dopamine
serotonin gaba not gonna lie it I can’t pronounce the the full scientific name
for gaba noradrenaline and melatonin b6 itself helps with genetic expression of
genetic material and helps regulate brain glucose activity without enough of
it you can get irritable depressed cognitive kline even in some cases like
dementia get your b6 and also it’s important to note that since for college
students alcohol abuse yeah is pretty bad for b6
so that sucks so here’s the hangover diet right meat
fish legumes bananas and potatoes or pages type it a potatoes one point
three milligrams is your daily recommended allowance so we’re at
vitamin b9 vitamin b9 is also known as folic acid folic acid b9 like a tumor
folic acid I’m just you know so since you’re already eating a bunch of leafy
vegetables and citrus fruits you don’t have to worry about this one b9 is mainly necessary for red blood
cell production and DNA synthesis interestingly enough so stay on those
fruits and veggies for approximately 400 micrograms a day the last of the B
complex family is vitamin b12 and this works really really well with b9 it’s
also known as a family of COBOL mins and as I understand it the best cobalamin is
methylcobalamin as far as in taking vitamin b12 it’s supposed to be the most
vile available I think this one’s also really important for neurological
function as well as red blood cell production and DNA synthesis again it
works really well with folic acid they work and in hand but b12 is also really
important for fat and protein metabolism too so eat your meat fish eggs mostly
animal products have this and you need around 2.4 micrograms of this daily so
vitamin C and vitamin E are both considered neuro protective and
antioxidants these both help your brain protect itself from the damage of free
radicals which if you think about your brain is the wild wild west they’re the
outlaws all right they just they just run around and they do what they want
alright and sometimes that can cause chaos in your brain and it also
deteriorate your brain wee bit thumb over a long period of time of course
vitamin C is important for the production of collagen and protein
metabolism it also helps produce nerve certain
neurotransmitters C works really well with helping your body promote vitamin E
it’s good at helping your body repair itself from damage including
neurological damage and a shout out to people who are cigarette smokers you
need more vitamin C than other people do recommend a daily intake is 75 to 90
milligrams but smokers you want closer to 115 milligrams
you’re getting vitamin C from citrus fruits yeah oranges and your grapefruits
and also peppers vitamin E is mainly for helping protect against free radicals
your daily recommended allowance for that is 15 milligrams nuts leafy
vegetables and vegetable oil are all good sources of vitamin E lastly we’ve
got vitamin D specifically vitamin d3 you can get this in your son yeah
vitamin D comes from sunlight but also from fatty fishes like salmon mackerel
and tuna the recommended daily allowance is 15 milligrams but it depends on your
age stick to 15 usually so vitamin D is important for cell growth and
neuromuscular immune function so this one’s important for neurogenesis if
you’re not really familiar with neurogenesis I created a video
explaining all about it you can check it out it’ll probably be up here you can
check that out really important and vitamin D actually helps stem cells
differentiate which means that the cells that are capable of becoming the cells
that you need vitamin D helps tell them what they should become and it also
helps tell cells when it’s time to go bye-bye so I know I didn’t tell you guys
about this but here’s a bonus section some things that are really important
for studying one tip is to take frequent breaks and actually call a friend and
socialize a little bit because your brain needs socialization every once in
a while to function properly and your brain also needs breaks from from
focused tasks in order to recover from the neurological load that you’re
placing on it sometimes you can also take a short nap 20 to 30 minutes is
your optimum range otherwise you’re going to go into a deeper level of sleep
and it helps your brain process information exercise is really important
as well so if you’re studying make sure that
you’ve allocated some time take a break go to the gym do a 30-minute aerobic
workout this helps your brain really get moving a lot more than you think
and I workout almost every day because of this if you’re eating right and
you’re doing all these things your brain should probably be working pretty well
now if you’re looking for a supplement for all these things I’m gonna recommend
to you a supplement that I’m trying right now it contains all the vitamins
we just talked about except for vitamin E it’s called qualia it has all natural
nootropic herbal compounds in it as well as all of these vitamins
you don’t know nootropics our have a video about it and honestly this stuff
just when I take it I feel I feel empowered like I feel like I’m able to
focus on the things that I want to focus on and I’m not distracted by things that
I’m not worried about so I’ve got a link in the description below if you want to
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