Hi Guys. In this video, I am going to give you a walk
through on how to do a quick search for the right university and program of your choice
which will fit apt for your career growth Let’s start with the University Search. In this University search app by Brainstorm
Consulting, our University search will give you access to above 4 Lakhs Plus universities
which you can Explore, Share, & Apply to these universities. To go to this option of University search,
First Go to the menu, Sign into application, click on menu icon and Expand on Master search
to find the option of “University search”. Clicking on University Search, you will be
directed to the next page, where you can select your level of degree (Bachelors or Masters/
PhD/Diploma). Then input the Country name, Program name
of your choice and Click on “Search” button to view all the universities offering the
selected Program, in the selected Country as per your degree. Here you can view important details about
the universities like Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application procedures, Tuition
Fee, Application Fee Wavier, Scholarships availability, Location, Job Prospects, Ranking
and Research Funding. If you are a student
you will be able to share these Results with your Mentors or Alums through WhatsApp, Facebook,
Instagram, E-Mail by clicking on the Share option below each of the university
You can also Favorite any of the Universities for your future reference. We also provide you information on various
documents which are required to apply for each university by clicking on the Doc button
By clicking on Sort button, you can sort the universities as per various parameters like
GPA score, Ranking of college, Acceptance %, Deadlines, Tuition fee, Application Fee
or Entrance score You can also filter universities as per your
requirements by clicking on Filter button. Where. You can filter on basis of academics, Prerequisites
and financials. For instance, If I want to view universities
which don’t have any application fees, then I will go to “finance” tab  I will
set the scale to 0 and tap on “apply”. System will redirect you to next page to show
you only those universities where application fees is NULL
In this way this app will provide you complete details about the university where you would
like to pursue your career. Moving ahead, If you are looking for details
regarding programs offered by any specific university then you can go for the feature
called as ‘program search”. To go to program search page, go to menu,
expand the Master search and then Tap on “program search”
On the next page, you must select the level of degree and then input university name of
your choice. Clicking on Search button, you will be directed
to next page where you can view “All the Programs which are Offered by your selected
University”. This feature is extremely useful when you
have chosen a university and you will like to deep dive into various programs offered
by the university. Hope you enjoyed watching the video. Thank you.