[Chanting] My name’s Mia Katan and I studied abroad in Gulu, Uganda. I had done the Brandeis in the Hague program as a sophomore, and I interned at the
International Criminal Court. I began to understand international
criminal law as the system for solving conflicts and peace building in bringing
justice, but I was left with a lot of questions.
So I decided to go to Uganda to study post-conflict transformation. Going to northern Uganda where there had been conflict for decades, you can really feel
and experience the effects the conflict even fifteen years later. My host family had been affected by the
conflict, everyone. To not only on academic level study in
the classroom, but then to really get to know people and to
put a face on these stories, it was a very powerful learning
experience. I did research on the International Criminal Court and
local perceptions of the court in Uganda – research I’m now using
to write my senior thesis. While I was in Uganda, I decided that I do want to go to law school. Law can be used as a tool to resolve conflicts. I also really experienced the
resiliency of the people there. It really puts everything into
perspective. Studying abroad twice is a really really awesome comparative experience. [drumming]