[Latin American music] My name’s Hannah Marion I’m a sociology and Hispanic studies
major with minors in social justice, social policy; education
studies; and Latin American and Latino studies. Cuba is a place that’s very
different from the United States, but I think by about a month and a half, it just felt like home. All of my courses were taught in Spanish and all of my professors were Cuban. I took a course on Cuban socialism and
how that differs from capitalism in the United States, and that was really really interesting
from the Cuban perspective. Studying abroad in cuba definitely
changed how I think about things. Foreign policy
in this country has a real impact. It’s very real to
see effects of that. My plan is to go into social work. I’m on the tennis team. I definitely found ways to exercise in Cuba. I trained with the Taekwondo champion of Cuba while I was there and learned how to box. I feel really fortunate to have had such a
great study abroad experience and to have felt like I really truly learned
so much. I still feel like part of me is there. [Latin American music]