tchau tchau tchau [Music] yeah okay so today we have Louisa yeah so a loser can do introduce yourself to my friends yes I am from Brazil I am here in Rome for about one year and a half now I’m in here studying a master’s degree in business administration yeah so why did you run and nasally for your MBA I chose wrong because I’ve always had a curiosity about Italy I’ve always wanted to know Italy you’ve never been here before and it’s always been one of my dreams to come here oh come on and what about you what why did you choose Italy in my case I feel like I’ll really into Italy since I travel to Italy in like five years ago so I have a chance to visit Italy like in venes in Rome in Florence and and it just feel in love with the culture the people and the food expecially so um I’m thinking where to go for my ambien I think okay definitely Italy and Rome of course because Rome is the capital and people say already to Rome that’s very so Luisa how do you fight a study here very good and find it they have a very strong education system here in Italy yeah and according to my experience I’ve had a very positive experience in fact and I studying at a university at a course of an international course there is a lot of interaction with a lot of international students and you do project works and reports with a lot of students from different cultures yeah and like some friends wondered like because eternal people did not speak English very well so how can we manage to overcome all the stuff that’s true that’s true in fact it is one of the countries and thinking that speak less English than the other countries so being able to manage this language barrier is hard in my for in my case I do study of course the English lenient I mean like like here in our class I feel like in in order to get into our courses like the student need to have very well in the skill so to me compared to to my university back home I feel not very difficult to be with them what do you thing is it is correct yes according to you you think that the English required elsewhere is it’s more mandatory yes my Alston here it’s true it’s true in fact it’s harder to the English here there’s a lot of less people that speak English yeah I think that might be yes so we have a lot of courses like a marketing major international business management consulting what did you choose for your war major I chose management consulting as a specialization and being able to I wanted to understand more how the consulting field works and I’m sorry have you had a very positive experience sure like me too I mean management consulting so Luise people ask me how do you find a part-time job is it easy to find here in Italy a part-time job because we need to cover some expand you know so to answer that question can you give us some clue in in the case of a part-time job I would say it is a little bit difficult to find a job mostly because of the language barrier it is unless you have spooked a little bit of Italian there are some jobs have to require English so you may be able to work there it is a bit difficult to find so I would suggest maybe learn a little bit of Italian before you come yeah the basics okay so Luiza it’s a funny question okay the girls ask me like the insulin guide is very gentleman and romantic so what do you think about that okay I think here in general Italian men are friendly they are friendly listener gentleman there they most of them know how to cook I would say because they take food very seriously here and I think in our class like our classmate they very nice very helpful like from the beginning we didn’t know like some point you know like they try to explain quite well and they spend time yeah I think in general do a lot willing to help they have this this willingness to be able to help others to be to be trying to befriend other people so Luiza can you tell me some advantages and disadvantages living here in Italy okay I wrote down five main things that I think okay there are the main advantages according to me according to my experience of closest first one I would say is the food because of course Italy is known worldwide for their amazing food there is delicious yeah like lasagna yes I think they make yeah it’s just amazing yeah and then okay second one would be the culture culture house yes yes it’s very rich in culture here in Italy have a very strong history strong heritage yes you know like I’m amazed when I go around to see the Vatican to see the colosseo oh my god like that’s huge I know we can image like how people can be read up at that time you know yeah and the culture I keep reading a coucher but I cannot finish that because it’s so long and there’s so much to learn and people say the coffee in Italy the best coffee coffee yes for sure they make one of the best worldwide known companies it’s pretty and it’s hala did you drink coffee like every hour yes like an espresso no like they go to do you need in the morning they take FS oh they go for the break they take a coffee lover lives after lunch yeah yeah they drink coffee instead of water right and what else I also think people here are very friendly it’s one of the biggest advantages like we’ve already mentioned people are friendly willing to help so you will always find someone that is willing to help since this will be your temporary home away from home so friends are always nice to have yeah okay and also the fact that when you think Italy is easy to travel around yeah because they have like a cheap Airport which is Champ you know so they have like a very cheap air like there it’s run and then you can fly around Europe very low-cost right there are many companies that offer low-cost flights yeah throughout Europe so it’s very easy very accessible and also even within Italy in Italy is beautiful it has its natural so what about disadvantages in terms of disadvantages I must say I don’t I can’t think of much for example here in Rome one of the biggest disadvantages are is the public transportation oh no my god don’t mention that to me we’ve had I have all my problems for the public transportation today I’m waved for the bus for 45 minutes and it’s always strike there is either die or one of the metro stations are closed or sorry Italian guy who what in this video but is it a fact and one of the other disadvantages is the public administration the rock receipt everything that we have to do like the cognitive economy the permit services or not every thing you do it takes a lot of paperwork it takes a lot of time detector cuz I agree I am suffering and knives like okay it’s fine mm-hmm okay so last but not least can we start a little bit okay oh boy yeah Queen Luise commenced I yes Ben so now we’re gonna introduce our cell in Italian a little bit guys like okay a little bit Thank You Nani a sonar Dona did estudiantil Magister dolly economía a fantasy Queenie second domain Mogambo Brian venti CFA Andy studio the universitat the toy we got aroma piacere so thank you louisa for a short interview and we can have some fun later yes