I’m Emma Tattum and I’m on the Broadcasting
Journalism and Media Communications course and I’m in the second year of that. I’m Kara Beth-Davies and I am on the second
year of the Broadcasting, Journalism and Media Communications. I knew I wanted to work in journalism and
media but not necessarily which route I wanted to go down, so this university in particular
had this course which covers everything multimedia. So you can do journalism, written journalism,
you can do digital, online, radio, TV so it covers absolutely everything so when you get
to third year you know exactly what you want to do. I thought it would be a good idea to study
this course because I studied subjects that were subject specific when I did university
before coming here. I thought this was a nice broad range so if I was to change my mind
about what I wanted to do in the future, I’ve got the option to go down different paths. I think the best bit is working on real projects.
So you don’t just get given assignments, you hand it in and that’s it. You get a real project,
real clients. So we worked with TNS Football Club last year and we’re working with them
again this year. So we’re doing assignments for them and they’ll be published. We get
to go to the games and your work gets published. We learn a bit about everything, so one day
we could be learning about cameras, the next day we could be learning about media law,
we do a lot about regulation, radio, essay structures, academic skills, so it’s a good
mix. The support has been really really good. We’re
only a small group so it’s a lot easier to get one to one interaction with the lecturers
and staff. Even on days off, weekends, they’re always there, even in our course group on
Facebook or via email. The best bit is probably going to be the people
because the people have made the course for me. I’ve enjoyed the company. It’s really
nice knowing that there are people on the same course who have similar interests and
they’re easy to get along with. The facilities are really good, we’re based
in CIB which is the Creative Industries Building and we are in between the TV Studio where
the gallery is aswell and real radio broadcasting centre. We’ve got Calon FM on the doorstep, we’ve
got BBC. There is nice intimate classrooms and not big lecture theatres as I was expecting. I want to work in TV so more specifically
behind the camera rather than infront of it so with having the TV studio here it’s been
a really good experience. I actually want to go into radio when I leave
so hopefully I want to do some sports commentary, maybe some producing. I’d like to maybe go
down the journalism route, get a little job at a online blog or an online newspaper, so
either of those or both would be really good. I’d definitely recommend the course to everyone.
With it being really hands on I think everyone is going to get a lot out of this course. I’d definitely recommend this course, even
if you’ve not got any experience doing anything with Broadcasting or Journalism or Media you can go on the
Foundation course and then you’ll learn the basics. It’s amazing I would recommend this
course to anyone because it is fantastic.