You know, when people say sweet we say, “dulcet!” Dulce. Dulce. Ah, “that was sick!” É “Era enfermo!” Ballin? Ballin? Pelota! I was always taught to be as diverse as possible
in everything that I do. To be here and speaking formal Spanish, speaking
Castellano, there’s no better way to experience and learn
the language. You know, a lot of people get really excited
because you’re learning their language. The fact that there’s American students, young people that want to come to a different
area and really learn about the culture, a lot of them are so happy for us. I thought that I was just going to feel stupid
the whole time I was here. But no, everybody is just like “No, no. Si,
si, si! Es correcto! Habla! Habla!” Here it’s really interesting that I get to
learn about art in Spanish and about women’s studies, which I never thought I’d ever take, but I am and I actually love it. All the teachers here are actually really
good with all the international students. You know, most students would be like, “Oh
yeah, entiendo.” And we really don’t. They’d be like, “Do you need me to say it
in English?” And we’d be like “Yeah, please! That would
be great.” It’s rough but it improves your Spanish which
is the point of being here. There are always people out, doing things, eating at restaurants, people watching, in the park, reading. It’s excellent. The people here, the life, the architecture, the food is excellent. As far as the food goes, we survive off doner
kebabs. When it’s late and nothing is open, these
joints are usually open. Doner kebab: full meal, all the food groups –bread, meat, vegetables, sauce–for $3.50.
Great. It’s really a city that’s very accessible and open to all types of opportunity. It’s really cool because I was really afraid that I was only going to hang out with the
American students and never speak Spanish unless I had to. You meet people from Paris. You meet people from other parts of Spain. You meet people from Italy. And everybody is here, learning Spanish. I think that speaking Spanish is something
that people need to do, especially in our country today. It will help you so much in your employment
goals and needs. When I have to use my Spanish I get a little nervous but I’m working it.