Shanghai is a very historical city and we like to see the transition from old to new. And we also like to see how hospitality is applied in the 21st century in Shanghai It is important that we as General Managers give experiences back to young students. We talk about what they have to expect. When I was young and coming up in the industry we were always looking for people who have been in a position as a General Manager. It’s vitally important to get a global perspective about our hospitality industry. Leaders in the hospitality industry who are coming online now need to be very agile very flexible. They need to adjust to situations in a very short time. They need to listen and observe what’s happening in the market. We have a very long relationship with Les Roches and it’s very interesting now to see the MBA students coming up. So this is a new generation of professionals. My experience of this trip has been very positive. There have been a lot of learning moments in this trip and it’s very valuable to have a good insight into the industry by going to all of these top brands and top companies. We met the Executive Assistant Manager of Kempinski. He gave us a presentation about Kempinski and it was a really well put together presentation, with a lot of information. He was very open and willing to talk to us. If you can actually – before you graduate or during the course of learning – explore what’s really happening in the worl or in the industry it will help you a great deal with your future career development.