C1 Advanced is a high level qualification that proves that students have the knowledge and fluency to go to university or work in an English- speaking country. It’s the next step after B2 First and is recognised by more than 9,000 universities and businesses around the world. At C1 Advanced level, students have the confidence to communicate in meetings and seminars. They are able to understand complex articles and write essays and assignments. We know that sports facilities are financially supported by local authorities but a number of really important issues were raised in a recent discussion and I’d like to look at these in more detail. Students will also learn how to express themselves with a high level of fluency, write reports and compare different situations. There are so many benefits to working as a team, especially when you think about all the different skills everyone has. You can learn so much from one another, whether you are working together on a school project, or camping and putting up a tent. After taking C1 Advanced students can go on to complete their learning journey by preparing for our highest level qualification, C2 Proficiency. By preparing for and passing this exam, students will have mastered the English language. Cambridge English Qualifications help students develop their English language skills, step by step. They help learners prove their skills to the world… and lay the foundations for their future success.