My name is Calvin Usuanele and I’m on the MSC International Finance degree programme at London South Bank University. I decided to study this degree to give me the opportunity to work in the investment banking sector. The part of my degree that I enjoyed the most is the opportunity to work with my fellow students which has increased my team-working skills and the opportunity to learn new things about international finance. With my degree I would like to explore the opportunities available to me with the investment banking sector. I’m a quick thinker with a natural flair
to communicate and interact with people from a range of different backgrounds. I’m target driven and confident. I possess strong commercial awareness, team-working and entrepreneurial skills. I can perform well under pressure and I excel in fast paced dynamic working environments. I really love playing chess One, because its really mind stimulating and helps me focus on overcoming a problem. I also love playing football, which has really increased my competitiveness and team playing skills. A company should employ me because of the wide range of skills I mentioned earlier. I’ll be able to use my skills to add value to the company I am also a good problem solver and I am very result driven.