In the increasingly competitive world of student recruitment you need a high quality English exam like Cambridge English Advanced, that you can trust to deliver the calibre of international students who will thrive at your university. Cambridge English are the world experts in English language learning, teaching and assessment, with a suite of exams designed for higher education, admissions, placement and progress, including IELTS, Cambridge English First, Proficiency and Advanced exams. With over 100 years of research expertise and produced by the University of Cambridge, over 20,000 organizations around the world already trust our exams. 7,000 of which accept Cambridge English Advanced including universities and colleges in the UK, Australia, Canada, as well as the U.S. They have access to the 5 million students who take our exams each year. Well the University of Houston Victoria is a dynamic destination for international students because we thrive in providing quality academic programs and great leadership opportunities for our international students. We are interested in all the locations that Cambridge English is offered. It is a globally recognized English exam, which means the international student body is incredible. This pool of diverse and high-achieving students come from all around the world, particularly South America – Brazil, Argentina and Colombia – and both Eastern and Western Europe, including Spain, France and Turkey. Cambridge English Advanced is designed specifically to assess English language skills at the high level required for academic study. What makes this exam unique is that the content is focussed at an advanced level to provide a rigorous assessment and preparing for the exam helps students learn and improve their level of English. It is more than a snapshot of English level. It is one of the assessment examinations that I truly admire because of the high advanced level of placement and a student completing Cambridge English Advanced is fulfilling the entire areas of English. This secure, in-depth exam takes 4 hours and tests 4 skills at an advanced level; writing, reading, listening, speaking, as well as use of English. The speaking test is face to face with 2 candidates and 2 examiners. This paired format gives a more authentic exercise and is an accurate measure of the English needed for university studies, such as seminars or group and peer work. So we know students have dedicated countless number of hours practising, training. The students can get assessed, learn, improve and master their skill. Cambridge English Advanced provides that opportunity to select the best students, that are best suited to the U.S institutions.