Hello all this is devyani from freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Animation With Indian now regarded as a global hub of
animation industry, a career in animation promises to be a very lucrative deal. It is
a career option that is high on creative satisfaction and with experience and portfolio of work
monetary increase in evitable. This is a highly skilled based field that can be pursued by
those who have knack for design; out-of-the-box thinking and can generate innovative ideas
as well as concepts. The career field many expert feels that is
on a fast track as it is expected to grow at 20 per cent with en estimated worth of
Rs 1200 crores. The job market is going to bloom and industry will require skilled professionals
to work for them at good packages and positions. The Indian animation industry has a firm hold
and grasp on the two very important areas comprising of animation and special effects
designing. Aspirants with formal education in two dimensional
(2D) or three dimensional (3D) work skills, can easily become qualified animators. Students
can take up professional diploma degrees or certification course in animation and multimedia
as part of the higher study options. It would be advisable that aspirants seek specialisation
in several fields: three dimensional (3D) or two dimensional (2D) modelling, interaction
design, games design, animation, special FOX Creation and character design. The core requirement for an aspirant looking for a career in animation is that he/she should
have excellent creative and artistic capabilities. These include that they should have a flair
for drawing, caricaturing or sketching. Nowadays many national and international projects are
being deployed using Flash software so an incumbent should be having knowledge of it. One can study in well-known institutes like Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (Mumbai),
Arena Multimedia, Aptech Limited Pan India, Picasso-Centennial Animation College and the
very popular one started by filmmaker Subhash Ghai Whistling Woods International (Mumbai) Work wise the job options are far too many. With several broadcast companies with their
channels such as Cartoon Network, Pogo, Nickelodeon that are exclusively showing animation content
the grown is phenomenally vast. Even now animated characters are used in movies and advertisement
so animation studios need animators who can create eye catching characters to grab attention
of viewers. The other aspect of animation is Visual Special
Effect that is used in films both in India and abroad. Special effect studios are always
on look out for fresh and good talent who can conceptualise and create special effects
for films and animation movies. For starting as a junior animator post on-the-job
training from leading animation studio they can earn between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 monthly.
On the other hand with experience and seniority an animator can fetch anywhere from Rs 30,000
and Rs 40,000. If one has an outstanding portfolio then studios will pay even Rs 50,000 a month.
For those who rise to the post of a creative director they can look to earns double the
amount. Even gaming industry is one lucrative option to opt for.
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