Hello All..This is Akansha from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in B.sc Biochemistry Bachelors in Science in Biochemistry is an
exciting venture these days. There are quite a few job openings for this field, and there
are some good courses available for further studies. We shall discuss a few career opportunities
available to BSc graduates and also a few options available for higher studies. Biochemistry
involves the study of chemical and biological processes in organisms at a very minute level.
The course offers you insights into various biological and chemical processes that takes
place at a cellular level, you will also have a brief idea about the effect of environment
on organisms as well. You can find employment opportunities at both
the public and private sectors in India. Let us first discuss the various private sector
jobs you can find in this domain. The scope of work for BSc graduate in biochemistry is
wide, and you can find yourself a job in laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and even in hospitals.
There are quite a few job descriptions you can apply to. Some of them are Geneticist,
anaesthesiologist, Chemist, Cytologist, Clinical research specialist, Patent attorney, laboratory
supervisor, regulatory affairs specialist,toxicologist and perfumer. You can find employment at many companies too including:
Agricultural Research Services Biotechnology Firms
Chemical Industry Chemicals Manufacturing Companies
Colleges / Universities Cosmetic Companies
Education Sector Engineering Firms
Food Institutes Forensic Crime Research
Health Care Providers Heavy Chemical Industries
Hospitals Indian Civil Services
Industrial Laboratories Laboratories
Manufacturing and Processing Firms Medical Laboratories
Medical Research Oil Industry
Petroleum Companies Pharmaceutical Companies
Power Generating Companies Pyrotechnics Manufacturers
Research and Development Firms Schools
Seed And Nursery Companies Technical Journals
Testing Laboratories Utility Companies
Waste-water Plants You can find many job opportunities in the
public sector too. You can find jobs through UPSC, State level PSC’s and SSCs. You can
use your knowledge effectively at various government institution, primarily those which
are related heavily with biology and chemistry. Some of the government institutions where
you can find jobs are Agriculture and fisheries
Blood Service Cancer research institutes
Environmental Pollution Control Forensic Science
Hospitals National Blood Services
Overseas Development Public Health Entities
Public Health Laboratories You can even take up a teaching position before
you decide about your future. The incentives are very good, so long as a teaching career
is concerned and the pay scale these days for teachers is really good too. You can even
prefer to continue your education and pursue a degree in MSc in the field of biochemistry
from many reputed colleges in India or abroad. It was observed that there are more employment
opportunities for people who have finished their master’s degree as compared to those
with only a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Freshersworld.com offers you amazing jobs
in multiple companies in both the public and private sectors. You can find more information
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