Hello All..This is Devyani from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Leather Technology Leather engineering is one of the most popular
and interesting fields of engineering. Here the student is given a fine opportunity of
learning about the construction, manufacture, fusion and purification of leather. Not just
that, he/she can also understand the importance of artificial leather and how it can be used
for fabricating mercantile goods. Leather engineering is also known as leather
technology. For the past few decades, people who belonged to this lucrative field were
present because they had some experience and not because they were educated. However, times
have changed and countries like India have managed to establish several institutions
that not just impart education to the youth but also tutor and instruct them about leather
engineering. Certificate courses as well as diploma and degree classes are available as
options for young people. In fact, it would be an honour to say that the Indian Leather
Industry is one of the biggest export earners all over the Indian subcontinent today. It
is also a very successful and profit making industry. Leather goods and commodities are quite in demand these days. Several multinational companies
have also shown interest towards Indian leather industry and quite a few are expecting positive
results. There are hopes that the leather industry in the future might transform into
a high-tech industry. Leather products are versatile in nature. Whether it is belt, shoes,
toys, caps, baggage, clothing or gift products, leather has covered all important commodities.
However, the focus is mostly on shoes, chappals and sandals. Leather is being used all over
the world and its popularity has increased significantly too.
Leather technology has certainly advanced with time. The industry has opened new doors
and gateways that allow more people to generate employment opportunities for them and for
others. Leather technology is now taught in different engineering schools and institutions.
It is a great choice for all young professionals in search of a unique career opportunity.
Once the course has been completed, students may find outstanding placements in the field
of garments, jewellery, leather, fashion designers and coordinators etc. Some of the best institutions
for leather technology in India include Bharatiya International Limited and A V Thomas Leather
and Allied Products Limited. If you choose to study abroad, a few international
colleges are also available! Some of the top institutions you must look up include
• University of North Hampton • British School of Leather Technology
• Institute for Leather Technology, Australia These colleges offer you both graduate and
post graduate courses. Lectures will be conducted on a regular basis where you will be taught
about leather science, its production and the techniques that are implemented to create
well furnished leather products. The classes are interesting and enlightening.
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