My journey back to school and here to Carlson
was actually more of a self-discovery to find out what’s out there. I believed that coming back to school would
give me, especially to Carlson, would give me that multidisciplinary approach. Carlson definitely doesn’t push you down a
specific path or force you to take up a specific enterprise, but they do show you that there
are all these different opportunities for you to go and explore. For me, accessibility to people is the biggest
thing here and that’s probably a product of having a small school and a more intimate
community. People are so open to helping you out and
they’re always very welcoming and even if I have to whine about not being able to spend
time with my son I’ve done that with a lot of professors and classmates and I don’t think
they’re judgmental. They listen and I don’t know if you could
get that kind of experience from a bigger school where you’re like one of 700 students. I think what we’re all learning here is to
be good and effective leaders and I think over these past couple of years through different
sources, like being part of the clubs here, being part of the MBA board here, interacting
with so many domestic and international students, listening to real life experiences from professors,
from classmates, from alum, I think all of these, there’s so much to learn from each
of these, and I think to pick up so many soft qualities, and I think those are the things
that help us shape who we want to be and be that good effective leader no matter what
or where we are, so to me that’s the highlight.