CEF supports capacity development of
finance officials in Southeast Europe still learning we as we are expert in
public financial management but above all we are experts in learning in the
area of public financial management and this is quite different we didn’t see
the need to replicate what practitioners do we want to empower that particular
practitioner that works in a certain technical area and this is our job
participants that come to us they’re experts in their own right they bring
their own knowledge with them and one of our functions is to support them so that
they are able to transfer their knowledge to other countries so it’s not
only transfer our knowledge from the expert that is lecturing experts but
it’s also among practitioners that come here development cooperation there has
been a lot of talk about ownership of countries but how can you as a donor
step away so that you let countries take ownership it’s not only the technical
expertise it’s also building confidence of practitioners that work in a certain
area in in a country in a way you have to empower them by them developing trust
in themselves and then trust in each other
we pay a lot of attention to the concept of trust building capacity of an
institution means that people should open up build coalitions build teams and
then make a change one has to really devise a project where the content
matters for a country but once the content is defined one has to pay
attention to other elements d/f pays a lot of attention to theory of learning
theory of change the organizational learning the project is actually successful
when it presents a seat to follow up what countries will then do on this
subject matter learning is a long-term effort and it’s also not linear effort
meaning that you can constrain it in a lock frame as such we see learning from
the systems perspective there are many factors that influence how people learn
how institutions learn the investment on our sites that goes into learning event
it goes so much more resources into preparation of such an event
besides being experts on a certain Ematic area we pay a lot of attention to
what it means to be a good facilitator to facilitate in a way that you keep
everything under control but at the same time you are not seen at all giving the
floor to all people that come here it’s quite a task so it’s all these complex
issues that have to be addressed besides technical contents that you are