I want to do something now to diffuse your
old mindset and karma. The most difficult thing in the world is to
change anyone, including yourself. The mindset keeps coming to you and if you
examine that you will be committing the same mistakes over and over again. This is called in psychology repeating patterns,
the pattern gets repeated. You will consistently get a bad job, consistently
get a bad relationship, consistently do the same mistakes over and over again. It is due to an innate predilection within
your consciousness to go and choose for these things and that is bad karma. You have to keep your slate completely clean. If you can walk out of this hall today as
a completely new person without any past behavior patterns, then the sky is the limit. Then the sky is the limit. It is because of fear of the unknown that
we don’t want to give up the old things, we just want to cling on to
the known. We have tremendous amount of potential and
the opportunities. The only true wealth you have is your own
divine consciousness. If you can draw from that, then you can change
anything that you don’t like in your life, whether your home, car, clothes, everything
will go away. You are clinging onto it. Don’t allow the mind to think too many thoughts,
if at all you want to make proper use of the mind. Don’t go blah, blahing. Instead of blah, blahing, just keep this chant
going on, Om Guru Namasivaya. See, what’s the use of saying Guru Namasivaya? Because you become him because you become
what you think. But instead of doing that what we are doing
is we are thinking upon strategies. What’s the best strategy for me to go and
be successful? So, strategic planning occupies about 90%
of our consciousness and it has failed. So, it’s time that you have to change your
model, your paradigm. You cannot even change your paradigm on your
own, you need grace. I am not here to talk about ordinary things
or human behavior. I am here to give you an understanding of
miracles. I have known many, many of my people. If you go the site called “Miracles of Dattatreya
Siva Baba”, you will see how many people have experienced miracles. Money showed up in the bank account. I will share with you 2 instances. One person from New York is so devoted and
then there was a 100,000 dollars money it showed up in the account. When they traced the person who put the money,
and he kept the money in the account and kept it for a week and then he used the money. Then they found out the guy who deposited
the money did not have money in the account but then he cashed the money. So the 2 banks were fighting and they came
back and said “This guy’s check is no good but you cashed the check”. He said “I kept it for a week and then I
cashed it.” Three months later the banks came back to
him, 3 or 6 months later, I don’t know, don’t remember it was a few years ago, they
said “We have reconciled this problem between the 2 banks, so you don’t have to pay.” I don’t know what happened and he started
a business with that money. There was another instance in London. There is a guy who got 200,000 pounds in his
account. It was a check from a huge corporation and
he never worked for that corporation. He used the money and started a business,
but then after 6 months they found out that the check was wrongly deposited and then the
bank came back and asked him “By mistake the money has been transferred to your account,
so what can you do?” “Well, I spent the money. So, I don’t have the money in my account.” “You still owe the money, what can you do?” “So, I can pay 500 pounds a month for lifetime.” Things can happen in many ways. There are innumerable ways that miracles can