We have to remember that the greatest need and the greatest problem of a person that does not have Jesus in his heart is the need to be saved. Child Evangelism Fellowship started in the United States, but in the Philippines it started in 1952. Our main focus of the ministry are the children fourteen years old and below. It’s a big mission field. We minister in three ways: first, evangelize children; second, disciple them with the Word of God; and third, channel them to local, Bible-believing churches. Wherever there are children — anywhere, everywhere in stores, sidewalks, in markets — we go out and share the Gospel to them. CEF uses a tool we call the “wordless book,” to share the message of salvation with the children. Just the phrase itself — “wordless book” — causes children to be very curious. Gold represents the sovereignty of God. And then this dark page, our sin and our inability to save ourselves from sin. Red, of course, is the blood of Jesus. There on the cross, He paid for our sins. And this page talks of a clean heart. If you will allow and invite Jesus Christ to come into your heart, He will make you His child and He will save you. And then this green talks of growth. Now that you have eternal life, you have to grow your Christian life. Young and old alike are lost in sin and the children, just like adults, have to be evangelized. If a child says, “Yes, I want to receive Jesus as our Savior” and if the child is able to respond with a great understanding of the message salvation that we shared earlier, then, at this point, we ask the child to pray to receive Jesus. Last year, through the Philippines’ CEF combined ministries, we were able to reach 1.8 million children with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We also go out into the children in the neighborhood and that we call the “Good News Club.” It’s like an hour of Bible class where we especially and specifically apply the message of salvation. In 2007, we launched a ministry in school. In the past, we didn’t have ministry in school, but we asked the Lord to give us understanding so we can enter into this big mission field. From time immemorial, the Roman Catholics have had a wonderful ministry in public schools. It’s part of the curriculum, and then, I said “What about us?” And the first thing we did was contact the office of the Secretary of Education. And we had to appeal to him: We want to teach the Bible in public schools. And he gives us the permission to do that ministry in public schools. Besides children, CEF also ministers to adults and that is in the form of training. We train adults who have the heart and burden for the children. Training is the heart of the missionary program of CEF. We cannot develop volunteers without adequate training. We have to multiply those volunteers and we can only do that if we have an active and dynamic training ministry. They have to undergo TCE1. It’s called, “Teaching Children Effectively.” And after that you are asked to do evangelism outside and also Good News Club. After complying with that, you can move to the next level. It’s called, “TCE2discipleship.” You have to take these two classes, one for evangelism and one for discipleship, but you also have to take this class that will enable you to teach evangelism and discipleship to the volunteers. By the way, CEF is a mission organization; we are not a church. We are an arm of the church in training their children’s ministers. In the training department, we cater to those teachers who are teaching Sunday School or even those who are teaching in outreach ministry. And we help them with how to teach their children, especially in teaching their Bible lesson. The best way to evaluate the program is “Are the children being led to the church?” We have more than sixty thousand children channeled through the nearest Bible-believing churches. In that way, we can make an honest evaluation that our ministry is functioning very well because these children are not only evangelized and discipled, but also they are being led to the local church. It is now the ministry of the local church to minister to these children.