as the world struggles to contain the
new virus a new speculation from the Chinese scientists who believe it may
have originated at a research facility not far from the ohon fish market while
they say more research needs to be done to find solid proof such labs are known
to contain a disease-ridden animals including hundreds of bats or Kimmie
Osan with the details amid the continued spread of the Kovach
19 virus there’s rising speculation the virus could have originated from a
government laboratory in Wuhan rather than a widely held belief that it
emerged from the city’s quantum seafood markets setting a report published by
Chinese scientists a Chinese language newspaper published at Hong Kong Ming
Pao and the British daily the mirror explains Sunday that the ohan Center for
Disease Control or WH CDC could have spawned the contagion in Hubei province
according to the report penned by boat I shall and Lai shall of the South China
University of Technology the research lab which is only 280 metres away from
the hewan and seafood markets kept disease-ridden animals including more
than 600 bats and say that while it’s plausible the virus was leaked from the
lab and contaminated initial patients in this epidemic more solid evidence is
required through future study the report also raised a possibility that the ohan
Institute of our ology could have leaked the virus while it was carrying out
tests involving Chinese horseshoe bats against such a backdrop an article
published by The Washington Times late last month is garnering attention as it
raises the possibility that the disastrous outbreak could be the
accidental result of biological weapons research this comes as a renowned law
professor at teen Y University in Beijing Xu Jiang run is known to be
missing after publicly condemning Chinese President Xi Jinping for failing
to contain the spread of the virus at an early stage he even added the
condemnation could be the last message of his life kim yusin arirang news