(bright bouncy music) (cheering in foreign language) – It’s just so beautiful and so unlike anything
I’ve ever done before. – Everything is just very, very amazing. – All I can really say is I love it. This whole thing has been probably the most amazing
thing I’ve ever experienced. – The beauty and the
benefit of our exchange with the university here in Switzerland is that our students at Grand Valley can come over here and in two weeks get three credits. One whole course that
counts to their major. When they come back to Michigan
with the Swiss students, they get another whole
course in another two weeks. – It, essentially, it’s six credits. But, if you write a paper, you can get three more
for an issues credit. So, essentially it’s nine credits for about what you would
pay for a semester, and you get the entire experience with it. (cheering in foreign language) – I had never been anywhere before this besides Michigan. So, I got on a plane
and we flew to Germany. We toured around Germany
for three days and. Wow. Seeing all the different cultures, all the different people, meeting new people. I hadn’t met any of these GV
students before coming here. We’re so close now. – We have four days of classes, pretty much all day. But it doesn’t feel like all day because what we’re doing is
very interesting and fun. We’re scripting with Python and using actual data sets. – GV teaches you Java in a semester. We learned Python, four days, so. Definitely challenging, but
I love a good challenge. Tt makes me so much more
excited to go to class. – The four days we’re doing the Python and then the four days
we’re doing the SAS. It’s perfect pace. They’ve been fantastic in
helping me with my coding and giving me different
perspectives, actually, on the way they do things compared to what I would’ve approached it with. – In the evenings we would hang
out with the Swiss students. – They picked us up in
front of the university and we walked together to
the beach volleyball field. All the fields were full at the moment, so we played a little
bit of pick up soccer. – Then on Friday, Saturday, so far we have been hiking the Swiss Alps, visiting old Swiss forts
deep inside the mountains, and visiting hyper-secure data centers. – Inviting the Swiss back and having them back in the U.S. is gonna be really cool because it’s really
going to be interesting to see more of the cultural differences and just be able to invite them into our country and have a good time. – I think it’s a good experience how America works a little bit. How the teachers here teach. So, it’s a good experience
to see how it works in another place in the world. We have finished our first week in school and now we are on the first excursion. So, um, yeah. Pretty cool. – We’re in the sand dunes doing a hike. And probably going to do to
for a swim in Lake Michigan. It will definitely enrich your life with this experience. – You get to travel across the world, you get to see amazing
things in Switzerland and then the courses you
take help put you ahead and they’re great if you
wanna go into data science. – The food, the people, the atmosphere that you’re around, it’s life changing. – It’s beautiful, the culture’s amazing and I can’t recommend it enough. – The term “lifelong memories” I feel gets thrown around a lot and overused. But, this is something I don’t think I’m ever
going to be able to forget. This has been the
greatest time of my life. – I think that this is something
that everyone needs to do. If you have the opportunity,
grab it, go for it. You’ll never see anything like this again. I love it here. (laughs softly) – Geez. Still can’t believe it. (laughs)