[Music]>>Hello Cavaliers, and welcome to “Coffee with Regan”. Here, it is my goal to teach you tips and tricks on how to become a successful college student. One pathway where students find success is by To help us understand more about the Study Abroad program and how it can enhance your student journey, here is one of our faculty staff members, Tom Patterson. Can you tell me a little bit about who you are, as far as your role on our campus?>>[I’m the] Director of International Education, an associate professor, and I’ve been at Johnson County Community College for six years.>>How many Study Abroad options does our school have to offer?>>We have over 50 countries that students can go to. We also have service-learning programs and we also have programs where students can enroll directly into partner schools, like our partner university in Xi’an, China.>>For how long are students away? Does it depend on the program that you’re in, like one or two semesters, or summer?
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How does that work? They run from some of these faculty-led programs, trips from one week to ten days; or if you want to go longer, our program in so it depends on the student wants.>>Again, it varies, from one credit up to a full semester in China, where they can get 15 or even up to 20 credits.>>Are there any prerequisites students have to consider before they study abroad?>>We expect a student to have completed one semester at JCCC, first of all. For some programs, they need a GPA of at least 2.5, or a minimum of 2.0 for some faculty-led>>What are a few things students need to consider? Are there any steps that they need to take before they get to leave?>>I would recommend if a student is thinking about going to study abroad, to come in and talk to us. We’re in COM 220, just above the cafeteria, and then we can tell them where they should touch base and other things they need to consider. They might go talk to Financial Aid to think about what kinds of funding are available. They can talk to a counselor to see what academic plan they have and how this program can best fit, then consider what kind of place they’d like to visit, and put all those together. Also, how much time and money they have will help decide it.>>How does this program enhance the student, in the classroom, and then later on, in their careers?>>When they go abroad, they’re going to have real-life experiences, so it’s going to help students to develop resilience and confidence, which applies across all kinds of challenges they’re going to face.
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>>What are some words of encouragement to tell them? Go out, go do it, it’s not as scary or bad as it may seem?>>Going on a Study Abroad trip will awaken yet undiscovered strengths that many students are not even aware they have. That’s one of the best benefits in going to study abroad. You’re going to find new strengths that you weren’t even aware of by having to face these challenges, and it also opens your mind to the entire world. As Augustine said in the fifth century, “Why>>Tom, thank you so much for being a part of “Coffee with Regan’. For more “Coffee with Regan”, visit the Cavalier Cinema page on the College website. Until next time, find someone you don’t know and introduce yourself, and I’ll see you down the road. [music, fades]