(upbeat funky music) – At UMass Amherst,
there is a office called International Program Office, IPO. It’s set up to provide all the services to international
students, from their visa, immigration papers and
their mental wellness. Other than that, I want to
emphasize one thing, is the advising. In each department, we have full-time, professional advisors whose
job is to help students to navigate their academic plan, to make sure that they are on their track and they are going to be successful. In terms of the academic support, we have a Writing Center,
we have a Tutoring Center. All the services are free. International students, for most of you, because English is not
your first language, it’s very important that you seek out for the writing service before you turn your
paper in to your professor. Then you can set up the
appointment with the Writing Center just to go through your
paper and give you feedback to make sure that your paper is solid. We also have the Career Center. And that is to provide a service particularly for international students to find an internship, to find
a co-op, or to find a job. Not only do we want you to graduate and then to be successful in academics, eventually we would love
to see you to find a job that you are passionate about. (upbeat funky music)