– And that’s where I found out that I can, sorry, I stuttered there. Hey everyone, it’s Erica,
welcome to College Life. When I was in high school, I knew that I wanted a degree, but I had no idea that you
could get one from college. My guidance counselor didn’t even tell me that there was college degrees. I did some research and I found out that I could get a degree from college. Is a college degree even as
good as a university degree? I know it was for me,
so let me tell you why. (upbeat music) Both my parents don’t have formal post secondary education, I guess. But my dad went to trade school, my mom was an insurance broker, so she had like,
insurance school, I guess. They both didn’t have a degree. Like, a formal, like,
piece of paper degree. So for them, it was kinda of new as well. But I went to university open houses versus like, college and everything. So, of course, like, the decision was completely up to me in the end and they wanted me to do
whatever I felt was right. Here at college there are designated co-op terms within your degree that you have no classes during and they’re designated co-op, designated co-op terms. And I found that you want direct entry into the co-op program, which is one of the main things I was looking for in my degree program. Small class sizes. Small class sizes, of course. Small class sizes, for sure. The small class sizes benefit
the project based learning, as you’re able to work closely
with people in your class. For me, I just had sort of
like an image in my head of what my post secondary
experience would look like. And college met all those boxes for me. Definitely feel confident
graduating from here in four years with a degree from Conestoga, as I feel employers know
what a college degree and a degree from Conestoga means, and they know what comes along with that. It comes a well rounded person
with experience in the field, different skills that they’ve
learned in the classroom and we’re able to apply already, and just overall, like,
they’re career ready and they’re ready for the job, rather than them just having the theory, they also have the experience as well. (upbeat music) Hey, thanks for watching. Hope this helped you out. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to get the
most out of College Life.