More than labs and classrooms, more than faculty and students, every educational institution is at heart, a community A community working together to provide access to quality education at all levels, as we collectively race toward a sustainable future Nurturing such a community requires speed, agility, and accuracy You need to predict behavior, anticipate needs, and personalize every experience Education Cloud is the key to knit your community together By integrating tools, resources, and information from across your institution infused with insights and best practices from a global community of educators So your recruitment and admissions teams identify and engage ideal applicants and enroll the best-fit students in a personal way at scale Your student services teams foster a sense of belonging for students and proactively support them throughout their studies your alumni relations officers turn graduates into lifelong ambassadors while your advancement officers nurture donors through relationship-driven fundraising efforts Education Cloud gives you a 360-degree view of candidates, students, and alumni – and lets you engage them like never before Create a community that sparks student success and institutional success Foster trusted, meaningful relationships with learners and teachers, staff and stakeholders, alumni and donors One relationship at a time