headlines this summer though were full
of recollections of the summer of 1969 a vibrant time in our history that moment
fifty years ago shines light on our now and our future and illustrates the
critical importance of your education and the role that you will play class of
2023 as citizen and guardian of our democracy
this summer we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing Apollo
11 and Neil Armstrong’s first walk on the moon broadcast live as 600 million
people around the world watched in wonder an Armstrong reminded us that
mystery creates Wonder and Wonder is the basis of our desire to understand at
Elon we know the power of that Wonder in the search for understanding and your
classmates your faculty and staff they ask the big questions tackle the
challenging problems so now jump forward to your summer the summer of 2019 fifty
years later and while the headlines are different the story continues global
unrest in Venezuela Hong Kong mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton equity
for communities of people climate change energy and transportation innovation
immigration generational poverty and the fight against cancer this is why I feel
so passionately that the world needs Elon graduates we say that a lot around
here class of 2023 because the world needs the values and Eloneducation
prospers the values that will unfold for you during the next four years you see
you are our hope our hope for that smarter
stronger and kinder world and as Neil Armstrong told us your job is to embrace
that sense of wonder and pursue new levels of understanding