Hey guys in this video I am talking about When, How and Why I Quit II-JEE and how I convinced my Parents to study abroad. So when I was in 9th/10th I used to finish all my HW in Bus and I only used to have fun after coming back home. Because of this I got 8.6 CGPA in 9th and 9.2 in 10th In the end of 10th Grade we had an evaluation, through which I got to know that Non-Medical is going to be best for me. They took some IQ Tests and also asked me about my interests before I was about to take Non-Med. I told Programming so they confirmed. As you know that I am fond of collecting 100% Attendance Certificates. I already had 100% Attendance Certificates for 8th to 10th grade. So I thought of doing the same in my 11th grade. I tried to manage School with Coaching but that was very very difficult I was used to be out for most of the day. 7am to 3pm school and 4pm to 7:30pm coaching. I used to come back at 8pm I used to be out for most of the day. And I didn’t used to get enough time for Self Study For this reason at the end of 11th, my grades dropped. in 11th I got 80% (School Final Exams) My coaching institute grades dropped completely My rankings used to 4 or 5 in class and then it became 40 to 50 (Degraded) When I studied Rotational Physics and Gravitation, I got to know that I pursued Non-Med and Non-Med Screwed me back. But I was able to manage in School In Schools they used to go deeper into the topics. And even used to teach the derivations (even in Math) very well This way studies seemed for fun. And I used to understand better. So that’s why I enjoyed studying at School More than Tuition Center But in Coaching institutes they used to do voting and used to be very fast paced environment which I didn’t like. Science didn’t seem fun there (but it did in School) Smart Students always used to say that they know so they always skipped derivations. And Average students like me couldn’t stop them from doing that.(I was scared to raise my hand) Coaching institutes support bright students and average students always get insulted. So that’s why I didn’t enjoy studying at coaching Institute They didn’t give complete information about Derivations of those formulas etc either That’s why I really like studying at School I was having so much fun there in HW etc. After this another phase of my life Started when I attend an event at my High School by CollegeBoard about Studying abroad And you might know that Tuition Centers ask you to take Dummy Admission and don’t attend School at all. They said this repetitively that “IIT or nothing” IIT is the only option. Also “IIT or ITI” ITI not IIIT where you get Rs. 5k or Rs. 10k rupees salary etc. That’s why I was quiet stressed in my 11th Grade But After that event I got to know if I go abroad I can choose my stream as I wanted to pursue CS which I can only do in INDIA if MY RANK is Decent Also I got to know that in INDIAN Universities only one student does the HW and rest of the students copy from it (50%+ cases). So that’s why I wanted to Study Abroad So all students pass by making minor changes like changing variable names etc. So you don’t get to learn that much. Also I got to know that majority of the students do job in Management after pursuing Engineering. So the degree goes to waste (almost). So that’s also the reason I wanted to go abroad So that’s why I tried to Convince my parents (my grandma and mom) but as you know it is quiet expensive 20 to 25 lakhs. so convincing was difficult. This is if you don’t get scholarship. Almost same in Canada, some universities are cheap some are not. So that’s why I told them give me 1 year tuition fee and I will manage the rest of it on my own. I will give my 100% and I actually did. So that’s how the got convinced partially. But they said that if I am doing well in Coaching, neither in School, How will I do well in US Colleges. This was biggest Challenge But then I told them look at my grades in IP (kinda CS) it 90+ in 11th and I got 98 in 12th. Also I made them talk to my teachers in School So that’s how they got to know about my caliber. If you want to do the same then you should also make your parents talk to your Teachers. This will surely work. Teachers knows you more Make your parents meet the respective teachers could be Physics, Chemistry, Math etc. After that in my class 12, I started to study for SAT, ACT etc. I got 1500 in my SAT (failed). Then ACT (27/36) ACT score of 27 might seem poor but it is not. My friend got into Purdue with that I got accepted 1 out of 6 Universities. I also took SAT Subject tests to compensate my grades. After this I gave AP exams and with the help of these I can graduate in like 3 years instead of 4 years I saved 1 semester with AP exams and also some overload of classes I took. I took 7 classes instead of 5 in some semesters, that’s why. I am graduating in 3 years. My graduation date in in 2 weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚ So this is my story till 12th. And I took AP Exams after 12th cuz it was safer as US was final destination for me by then I knew VISA chances are good if University is Good/ Top Notch. GSU is 2nd most innovative school in USA. GSU’s business school’s ranking is 20 in the country. So that’s why I took AP exams and spent 40,000 rupees as I was confident that I will get the US VISA I think AP exams were completely worth at as I already saved 1 year Tuition FEE So I spent 23 Lakhs in 1st year. I took loan for that. $33000 (1 USD was Rs. 63 back then) I paid 2nd Year Tuition Fee on my Own through jobs and internships. Details are linked above. Click the i Button After that when I needed funds for 3rd year I paid off with Loans. And for 3rd year’s second september I paid with on campus and internship again. So Ultimately I managed my 3 years well. So our University give 100% tuition waiver for MS in CS, So i am trying hard for that. If I get Stipend etc. I hope I will Conclusion: Collegeboard event changed my life. If that event didn’t happen then I wouldn’t have been studying here. So thanks to Spring Dale Senior School. I never had any plans to study abroad otherwise. Coaching institutes were scary. They always said IIT or life is HELL. IIT or ITI.This is pretty scary. Don’t pay attention to this. Life is going to give you tons of opportunities. So don’t worry at all. Checkout those opportunities linked above. I have seen a lot of opportunities here. I made the same video in Hindi so that you can share with your parents. English version is linked below.