[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Cooper Dixon. I’m a second year MSHRM student and
studied abroad in Paris. The class that we took in Paris was
a international markets course, and we were learning about the different
cultures within Paris, but also internationally as well. So we are learning about how
to enter those marketplaces, learning about what you need to
keep in mind in different cultures. But we did a lot of practice and
hands on activities, a couple different presentations. We were looking at specifically what
was different about Paris from our own home culture and how you would
need to do some surveying and do some information collecting about this
before you enter into the marketplace. My favorite thing about
the city I visited, I’d definitely say my favorite
thing was the food itself. I absolutely loved the food. We got to try escargot, which was
something I never thought that I would eat in my entire life but it was very good. They do a little bit of longer dinners,
but I absolutely loved the ability to
just sit around and drink some wine, eat some food with all my friends, just
get to know them on a lot deeper basis. So relationships from my classmates, I would say not only with the group
that I chose to go to Paris with, but also on a different aspect of the people
that we met while we were there. I met a very different demographic group,
not only was it HR but there was a larger group with
the executive MBA students as well. We were able to really create a strong
relationship with them because there was that breakfast in the morning
but then also later after that. Really just understanding their stories, understanding why they were there, really
just enjoy being in a different culture, learning new experiences with
all these different individuals. If someone was on the fence I would
say to definitely just go ahead and do it, I don’t see why not. There are a lot of experiences
that I absolutely loved about it. Really thinking back there weren’t any
negatives that I can pick out and be like, this is why I wouldn’t do it. I absolutely loved every second
that I was there for it. We were actually able to travel
a little bit before it as well, and we were able to go to different cultures. The people in general, the different way
to live your life really humbles you. Really lets you see what
the world has to offer. It’s not as small as the bubble that
you’re in right now but there’s a lot out there that you should really learn
about and experience with yourself.