We at Botspot develop and build 3D
scanning systems that work with the best of photogrammetry. Our scanners capture highly precise and absolutely colorfast 3D data within the fraction of a second. We process our 3D data and RealityCapture in order to achieve high-resolution 3D data models that can be used in a wide variety of applications such as Health Care, VR/AR/MR, Fullbody Scanning and Industrial Applications. I like photogrammetry, it’s quite amazing. It allows us to capture 3D data of
people and objects and different sizes and shapes, even in motion. Capturing the 3D data is super easy. There are 70 high-tech sensors in different positions that release ultra simultaneously and take 70 pictures from different perspectives.
These images are used to calculate highly precise 3D models in RealityCapture that require little to no postprocessing. Of course, we are not restricted to Full-body Scanning, we like to work with objects too. We see a high
demand on the market for digitizing objects in 3D. For our high benchmark for scan quality we steadily do test scans with different kind of objects: from fashion items to
electronic items or for example food, furniture, exhibits. We have already scanned organs. RealityCapture is a great tool that allows transforming our scan data into highly precise 3D models. To deal with that big number of 3D scans in our daily business we have applied scripts in RealityCapture to automate the workflow. We really appreciate that! If we would do it like manually it would be very time-consuming. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of 3D models, each of our scanners has markers installed. These are recognized by the software and ensure the correct size. There is nothing left to say: Capture this!