Our fellowship program at Creighton
University is very unique we get to see a vast variety of pathology including
the rare and chronological issues and the very bread-and-butter of
endocrinology this makes it a great learning environment for you and trains
you to become an endocrinologist that is compassionate well trained and well
rounded in terms of our faculty we have faculty members that are interested in
research of various kind osteoporoses thyroid cancer thyroid adrenal pituitary
and diabetes and we have strengthened all of those areas our program director
is very encouraging he ensures that he finds all of your strengths and
continues to work on those strengths and ensures that your weaknesses are worked
on to make sure again that you come out to be very comfortable in what you
practice my experienced are coming to Omaha is actually quite interesting
because I’m Canadian and my husband is originally from Texas we came here for
training but we’ve fallen in love with the city and now considering staying
here because I think it’s a perfect place for you to raise a family again a
very positive environment to continue to work in and a constant place for you to
learn and improve yourself as a physician and the opportunities here are
just great