I’m doing what they call MBA Global. So, MBA
Global because the methodology of the course is related to any industry. We can apply the
course in any industry and actually any country. So to give you an example I have fourteen
nationalities in our class. So it’s a really small group, we are twenty-two, and fourteen
nationalities. So everytime we discuss some topics, we actually have a broad view and
actually discuss what people would say in different cultures and how that idea would
work or not. The thing with the MBA Global is that you
get a lot of everything. I mean I have abilities now in Marketing, in Finance, in Management,
it’s really a generalist program. Curtin is huge, it’s like a city. And the
library is twenty-four hours, seven days, so 24/7. And you can go there anytime. The
database that the library has is… it’s huge, it’s really good. So that helps a lot for
you to self study and develop your knowledge. Perth, I will say is a sunny city. People
are nice, are always smiling. It’s peaceful, it’s very quiet, you have a lot of parks,
you can go and run if you want, it’s safe, you don’t feel afraid to go back at night in your place.
I like… Perth is just a great city. One of the best I think you can live in. Perth is a really good city. The quality of
life here is incredible. I’ve been here for two years and nine months, almost three. So
I came to study English at first for six months. The teachers are really welcoming here, and
I felt this was really important to the developing of yourself. This experience changed me. I grew up, I’m, I think, a better person, more open-minded. I have less stereotypes about foreigners. I’m an adult I think now, I think I’m more independent and I saw through my limits. So it’s going to be very hard to leave.