My name is as Azira Rivera. I’m majoring in
mathematics, and I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado. My favorite experience
so far has been studying abroad at the University of Guam. My family’s actually
from there so I actually got the opportunity to go and meet them and
spend a ton of time with them. I came to the university to become a chemical
engineer and then in my freshman experience course I realized that that
wasn’t quite for me but I became a math major afterwards because I think more
like a mathematician and less like an engineer. With my degree I found the trap
of mathematical biology and I was really excited about that because I’m
interested in not pure mathematics but like sciences and how they integrate. I
am getting my specialization in physiology and then a minor in
neuroscience so I’m really interested in modeling biological functions
specifically within the human body or the brain. So within CSE I have met a ton
of mentors who have helped me since my freshman year looking into graduate
school and I’m really grateful for that opportunity because they understand me
as a student as well as a person. you