– [Announcer] The Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory Dolan DNA Learning Center
(upbeat rock music) has summer camp fun down to a science! – I’ve done a lot of camps
like art camps and music camps, but this is definitely
one of my favorites. – We’re able to offer really
cutting edge technology in our labs. – They’re all down here
and look at all those. – My favorite experiment was mutating the bacteria into glowing ampicillin resistant bacteria. – Yeah, that really fun. – If it’s like fun for the whole day, just like do all these experiments that you probably would
not do anywhere else. I told you they were cute! – I had a camper come and say that they learned more in five days than they did all year in science class, and they had more fun. – As a parent, for me, my
child learning and having fun is everything I could ask for. – I’m having a lot of fun here and I’m gonna come back next summer and every summer after. – [Announcer] Registration is still open. Call 516-367-5170, or log on to CSHL.edu.