TIM: What Affinity groups or communities, industries, geographic locations, are primed to be great
ecosystems for an Earn Economy? JOHN: We’re really focused on kinda what we’re calling the hidden gems, or these areas that don’t
get all the headlines. Everyone in the United States has at least heard of Bitcoin
or are familiar with it, a lot of places in Asia as well. We’re focused on Central
America, South America. There’s a lot of hunger there, thirst for not only
learning about technologies, but being able to earn an
asset for the first time that has value, that could go up in value. Or could provide cash flow for a family. TIM: With that in mind,
what elements or conditions do you believe are essential
for a thriving Earn Economy? JOHN: I would say education. There’s a lot of noise, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, there’s a lot of noise
in the crypto space. So if you just, you can
go down that rabbit hole pretty quickly, reading,
and understanding. There’s a lot of headlines out there, but not a lot of emphasis on education, so we really try to get
companies that are coming on to the platform, prioritize, let them understand what your product is, how it works, and that takes time. I feel like a lot of these companies in this space want everything immediately. To build a relationship
takes a period of time. It takes trust, and it takes education. So we don’t require companies to educate, but we tell ’em it’s
in their best interest to educate the users; what is it? How does it work? Why does it have value? And kind of who are you? And if you can do that, and
you do that in all businesses, that I think that are successful, then you’re gonna have a higher chance to succeed at the end.