What will you remember about Cypress College
20 years from now? Most people remember the life-changing experiences they had in college
as well as the things they regret not doing. At the top of both these lists is Study Abroad.
The North Orange County Community College District has one of the best Study Abroad
Programs for community colleges nationwide. You can Study Abroad for 3 months on a semester-
long program or go for a shorter term in Intercession or summer for 3-4 weeks. Future destinations
include: London, England; Cape Town, Africa; Kyoto, Japan; Rome, Italy; Sevilla, Spain, and Dublin, Ireland. All of the courses on Study Abroad Programs are taught by either Fullerton College or
Cypress Faculty. Therefore, the courses will be on the CSU or IGETC GE Courses for transfer. Did you know? In a study conducted by UC Merced, students who study
abroad had a greater likelihood to increase their GPA, transfer at higher rates, graduate
at higher rates, and get jobs more quickly after college than those that did not study abroad. Makes sense because we live
in a world based upon a global economy, so Global Citizenship is a desirable trait for
employers. If you see yourself exploring new places, making new friends, taking classes
where the location becomes the classroom, then go to our web site to see what program
is right for you. You can Apply Now for any program. Don’t let the price tag keep you from not applying. There are several
scholarships specific to Study Abroad, and if you have Financial Aid, then you can use
your Financial Aid for Study Abroad tuition. Spots are limited and programs fill up quickly,
so Apply Now. Mark Twain once said: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” So come Study Abroad with us.