good morning everybody you can see it’s time to wake up one of the first things I do every single morning after I’ve broken up is prepare a fresh cup of ginger lemon tea I really like to drink it in the morning because it helps me wake up feel energized and just like detoxify my body as you can see here I’ve just prepared a refreshed ginger and fresh lemon and then I pour some hot water on top after preparing my fresh cup of tea I usually get ready for my classes that means I’m getting dressed and then doing my makeup I don’t always do my makeup but today I felt like doing and as soon as I’m done getting ready for the day I’ll have my breakfast my normal breakfast really consists of yogurt all time based yogurt with some bananas that I’m cutting up here and then I’ll spill them next to the little I prefer to eat plant-based yogurt because it’s better for my body and yeah I don’t have to worry about any animals getting harmed so that’s just my personal choice especially your like the ones that aren’t sleeping because I think that banana case is enough sleep I [Music] had some time to spare today so while I was eating my breakfast I just looked up some YouTube videos good morning everyone and welcome back to my channel and today we are going to do something special I’m going to take you on a day in the Belgian students university life so as you probably just seen I first get up around 7:50 and I prepare my tea that’s the first thing I have to do in the morning because it really helps me with like getting waking up as well as like with my digestion and just overall feeling of well-being and that I just get ready to my makeup sometimes and eat and then after that I’m out of the door to my classes today I only have one class for two hours called newspaper Japanese and I probably won’t be able to film anything inside since professor is very strict on recording any of his classes so I can show you the classroom a little bit but as soon as the professor arrives I’ll have to shut down the camera Lisa understands this and then after that we have to run a few errands and then comes back to study and there’s some work out later in the day so yeah I’ll just show you what a normal day in Belgian University Belgian students university life looks like what’s that day University students in my city usually go to their classes either by bike or by bus since everyone everything is so nearby there’s no trains in the city centers yeah I’ll just be driving right back to my class here I’m still at the student student dorms campus or something like that and also a scientific campus which lies right outside of the city centre so yeah I’ll have to cycle about 10 minutes 15 minutes if I have bad weather or some bad traffic and then I can reach my compass for the Faculty of letters which is in the city centre all right and I’m actually running a little bit late I’m not used to walking in the morning but yeah I’ll show you where my classes are this is the Moses you so cs6 and it’s a Faculty of letters this is where I usually have most of my classes sometimes somewhere else yeah not one needs to go into that staircase corridor and get into my class okay so I just finished my classes and like sorry I couldn’t film anything inside because it’s not allowed but now we’re going to print out some documents that I need to hand in tomorrow is actually an assignment so we’ll go walk to that places it’s really nearby the weather has been absolutely terrible lately like when I first arrived back in Belgium it’s really sunny and like very spring-like feeling like spring would’ve had fine now it’s like six degrees my hands are freezing and it rained and I hate this weather yes some cafeteria from the university okay you live hasn’t like a you live it’s my home university stands for a Catholic University of Leuven and it doesn’t really have like one center of campus I hate spread out all over the all over the city of Louisville with little campuses so yeah just not going through here over there right in front of us beast attribute meaning to go to here two cities becoming a little bit more beautiful we’re out of the city center right now let’s see it’s cross the street without getting run over perfectly here’s the Institute for psychology and philosophy if I’m not mistaking wait I have to go here yes it’s really pretty there let’s go here I hope they’re open otherwise I’m doomed so we awkward going here is only my second time that’s done tuna that was just 60 cents to print my assignment ow so that’s really cheap that’s about less than 100 yen yeah like students can go really easy they just like print out what you need and then you go paid at the front desk and then anything go now I’ll be going back to my dorm okay so now we’re back at my dorm room I’m so pretty happy to be inside against it’s so cold outside I put the heater on full so to speak how do you better I put the heater open completely so now it’s like nice cozy warm here if I’ll just heat up a little bit and drink my tea from this morning although it’s cold but it still tastes really good but first let me explain a little bit what we did in the class today okay so today’s class is called newspaper Japanese so today we focused on this article from a Japanese scholar called Ishida IU and the article is called cause it seemed a dino sin gentle single and it’s talking about like the Emperor system in Japan and how it was before the war and after the pig war you can see like I took many notes like those orange fingers are candies I don’t know how to read or I don’t know the meaning of the word so I looked up and here’s like article 1 from the post-war institution yes so we focus on those feet [Music] as you can see I just changed clothes which means we’re going to move our body a little bit I’ve just been reading art history of Japan for about one and a half hours so it’s clearly time to get moving a little bit and luckily the weather actually cleared up a little bit like the sun is shining at the moment so I think this is actually the perfect timing to go for a run [Music] to keep it real hi this is what I look like after my run like I had to cut it short today little bit I only ran two and a half kilometres approximately because when I was nearing my dorm again let started raining so hard and while I don’t mind getting wet a little bit or like some rain like getting drenched in like 5 degree weather like I’d rather not do that I just cut it short a little bit and my legs didn’t work with me today at all I didn’t like workout yesterday evening and I’m so sore like oh my gosh but yeah at least I got two and a half kilometres in that’s still something at least yeah the wind and rain like make my hair look like this very fashionable way so let’s get cleaned up a bit [Music] [Music] so as you can see it has grown dark so it has grown dark in the meantime I’ve been working pretty much all afternoon on my phases and it’s so much work on my gosh yeah so that took quite a lot of time and then I called my video share it with my boyfriend a little bit and had dinner it was just a really simple evening meal so it wasn’t even worth Show weekend but I just wanted to update you on what I’ve been doing in the meantime I’m going to do the dishes now wash up and then prepare for my Japanese speech that I have to give to they’ll have to give tomorrow laughter that it’s time for some relaxing yes and I can just go to bed early and watch something nice and go to sleep because I’m super tired today it don’t feel good like everything takes so much effort like I have to move them fake myself again and again like come on work work like it and tomorrow I’ll have free classes so that’s way more than today six hours in total since University classes that can you Luther are usually 2 hours long and then I’ll be going back home we have to train in the evening so it’ll be a long day tomorrow yeah so thank you for watching today I hope you have like a better idea now what a day in the life of a university student in Belgium looks like next week there will be more videos about next week I’ll probably be making a video which talks a little bit about what the differences are between student life in Belgium and in Japan since I’ve been studying in Japan too for a while so yeah if you’re looking forward to seeing that please comment like and don’t forget to subscribe with me a lot to me thank you for today and see you later