Hi, my name is Tricia I am a junior at ICU and I’m studying interpersonal communications and studying abroad at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus So this is my introductory video and I’m so excited to bring you guys along with me on the journey I’ve never been out of the country before so I’m sure I will have plenty of videos to put together that you can watch if you’re interested in studying abroad in Cyprus So the process that I kind of took to go about starting studying abroad I talked a lot to the advisors in the study abroad office Kind of figuring out what I wanted to do when it came to classes. The classes are very important Because you have to find out if the school you want to go to offers those classes Cyprus offered me a bunch of comm classes Which I loved I had so many options and I know they’ve offered a ton of other classes for other majors The other thing that kind of helped me make my decision was The study abroad website through ISU. They gave lists of names of people who studied abroad Previously in the place you were looking at, So I did reach out to those people and I still talk to them all the time asking them Questions like what I need to pack All these things and they are so helpful. They were a big impact in Helping me make my decision of where I wanted to go So One thing I was really nervous about Before like after I made my final decision of studying abroad whatever I was really nervous about making Friends how I was gonna make friends So ISU gave me a list of the people that Are going to Cyprus from ISU. I did reach out to those people so We are flying together there. So that’s awesome But in addition to that Global Semesters which is kind of like the communication system between the Students going to Cyprus and the University of Nicosia They have been such a huge help they put together a Facebook page of all the people studying abroad around the US in Cyprus, they put us all together in a group and Now I have like all these people that I’ve talked to who I’m so excited to see when I get to Cyprus and There we actually planned we already bought our tickets to go to Germany and go to Oktoberfest and there’s a group of about 15 of us going so That’s one thing. I’m really excited and looking forward to And to showing you guys as well But yeah, so if you want to take this ride with me please watch my videos I’ll show you how great Cyprus is. We’ll find out together and If you ever need to reach me, I will be here to answer questions Thank you