{Music playing over welcome screen. Discover the World: Study Abroad Programs at UB} {Alexandria Watts speaking} I really, really, really wanted to go to London because I heard that all of the theater there was absolutely amazing and I had to see it. {Sonya Singh speaking} During my freshman year, my winter intersession, I went to El Sauce, Nicaragua and it was a service-learning trip in which I helped healthcare professionals on the mountainside of Nicaragua. {Eboni Hinnant speaking} I know I had to take some history courses to fill out the requirement at UB and I want to get those history courses in Europe because I wanted the European perspective. {Chris Fancher speaking} The group was around 15 students and actually one of the classics professors led the trip. A lot of the archaeology classes that I’ve taken mentioned a lot of these sites and artifacts that I actually was able to see when I traveled to Italy so it was really cool to see that connection. {Timothy Ung speaking} Studying abroad in all of these places actually helped me view the world differently. So, seeing the different cultures and seeing how their traditional buildings are designed as an architect helped me rethink how I would typically design a building. {Megan Eubank speaking} I went to countries where I didn’t speak a word of the language and I was totally fine. People all over the world speak English. People are very nice to try to accommodate you. {Eboni Hinnant speaking} I got to meet other international students. I got to meet people from not just the Netherlands but from South Africa and from Eritrea. I was open to all these cultures here and I decided to actually step out and befriend those people. {Alexandria Watts speaking} My favorite moment was when we went to Trafalgar Square. There’s a giant like fountain and statue and it was just absolutely gorgeous. {Sonya Singh speaking} I went volcano boarding which was something that you don’t really get to do in the United States. That’s an experience that I’d always remember. {Chris Fancher speaking} My study abroad experience completely changed my academic career. When I studied abroad I realized that I had a strong interest in the modern culture of international countries including Italy. So, I actually decided immediately upon my returned to UB to add a business administration major with a concentration in international business. {Timothy Ung speaking} Studying abroad as an architecture student actually helped me finish my education faster and so rather than taking six years to do a four year bachelor’s and a two year master’s program I was able to do it in five years total. {Sonya Singh speaking} Some people think that as a pre-med student it’s impossible to study abroad but actually if you do the research there are short-term programs, there are long-term programs and depending on what courses you’re taking and when you have time you can fit study abroad programs in and graduate on time. {Megan Eubank speaking} That’s one of my favorite things about the SUNY system is that there are just so many trips that you can actually go on. There’s hundreds of programs to pick from and you don’t have to worry about being limited to UB’s options. {Timothy Ung speaking} Coming from a background with not much money in my family I thought that would deter me from studying abroad but with the scholarships that came in and with the loans that are available and allows you to do study abroad. it allows you to go out and experience the world before you enter the real working environment. {Alexandria Watts speaking} I know I’m going to go to Australia and back to London and India and all of those places and I I’m very excited because without study abroad it wouldn’t have opened my eyes to see the beauty in in the other parts of the world. University at Buffalo Study Abroad