Especially your right eye is really low, you have a little hood in there. It’s getting to the point where I can’t see. So, how did you end up in our area the woods from Tennessee? Or from Indiana? Well I’m retired and I came up to California to visit my sisters Oh, and you never went back? I was there three days and then went to work. You did!? What did you do as a job here? I was maintenance at a TA truck stop. So I just met you today and I just happened to mention that you had all these little blackheads and stuff, you didn’t even know what they were, huh? Or did you? Yeah I knew what they were, but I couldn’t get them out! You couldn’t get them out and you were trying, huh? So you were a firefighter and I do think that being out there in all the soot and the smoke and being out there in the sun all the time, definitely can… **INAUDIBLE** These are wanting to come out, you just need one of these special instruments here They’re coming out. Okay? Yeah. What did you tell me? You said the cutest thing, so I kinda asked you whether you would remind me doing this today for you, you were all ready to go You said: “Just do it, I’ll stand on my head!” You okay? Yeah, I’m fine. If you had a dollar for each of these, you’d be doing alright, that’s for sure. So you came out here, did you just fall in love with the weather? No. What happened? I just wanted to work. You just wanted to work and you just decided that this was where I’m going to be?