URI is great for dreaming big things because six years ago I never knew I would live in another country, like Italy, for five months. When I was in Italy, everyday life is art. You look to the building and you see the Pi Palace, the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio. You’re living in an artistic culture. I just found it interesting that these huge structures, the interiors are very modern but the outside they’re hundreds of years old. So they work with what they have but they never destroy the history of it. Art was always a huge part of my life and when coming to college I really needed to figure out how I could include that into using my degree to the best of my advantage. So I figured fashion is artisitc, you can express yourself and people live in it daily. Especially as I got more into my major I realized I liked home design because you’re basically creating the space around everyone. The living environment, the way people act and the way people live, you can shape it.