As a customer service
organization leader, the amount of data
you need to measure, process, and act on is vast. From agent performance to case
volume to customer satisfaction, you need an organized system
that aggregates data, and delivers the actionable
insights you need. Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Service helps you make data-driven decisions
with analytics and insights. It’s the busy season for the customer service department
at a smartwatch retailer. The holidays have just ended, and with thousands of new customers receiving smartwatches as gifts, there is an uptick in
new support cases. By reviewing targeted analysis of contexts in our operations
and business critical data, Customer Service Manager, Renee, is able to make more informed
decisions and improve organizational
efficiency with insights that empower data-driven action. Seeing that the upsurge of
smartwatch calls has taxed her staff with a larger volume
of support calls than usual, Renee quickly optimize the staffing
levels and allocates resources based on trending issues and the skills required to
address the fluctuation. Once her staffing
problem is resolved, Renee wants to better understand how her team is handling
this influx of volume. She opens “Resolutions” insights
embedded in her dashboard to see at a glance which topics are using up the most of
her agents’ time. Renee uses this
information to zero in on which agents are
her top performers. She then assigns the
high-performing individuals to train and support her
lowest-performing agents. By working together, the organization is always learning
and growing stronger. Continually optimize performance
across your organization, analyze operations and
agent interactions to improve customer satisfaction with insights and intelligence using
Dynamics 365 Customer Service. [MUSIC]