Hi! My name is Jordan and I’m a student recruiter here at the University of South Florida. You’re on your way to incredi-BULL life-changing experience! To access the Education Abroad website, go to educationabroad.global.usf.edu You may have been given a link that takes you directly to the electronic brochure. If not, you can search for your program of interest by Clicking on “Program” and then “Simple Search” Here you can search by term, country or program name. Once you find your Program, click on the title, read through the electronic brochure and then click on the Apply Now button. If you are not logged in to your my.usf.edu account, a pop-up message will say “You are about to create an application. Are you sure you wish to do this?” to which you should click on the OK button. Please, remember that there are no fees to apply and you can withdraw your application if needed. After clicking OK, you will be taken to a window that asks you how you will log in. Select “I am a USF Student or Faculty/Staff.” And click on Submit which will take you to the USF NetID log-in. Log in using your NetID and password and click on “Sign in”. Select the term and Click on the “Apply” button which will take you to the Program Application Page Here, you will see your name, and the program information on the left side and all of your signature documents, application questionnaires, and itinerary on the right side. in order to submit information, click on the title of the item you want to complete, fill it in with the pertinent information and click on Save if you need to come back to it, or submit if you have completed that item. Hi, my name is James Streeter, your Admissions Evaluator here at Education Abroad. If you have any questions regarding your application please feel to contact me. I’m here to help make
this process a breeze for you. Congratulations on taking the first step
for this incredi-BULL learning experience at USF.