I went to Barcelona and Paris, and they were both three week trips, and I don’t even know where to begin. It was incredible. We would meet our professor each day at a different place every day, and we would learn about different buildings. Most of them we had learned about in school already, so it was really cool to actually get to see them in real life. In both trips we were required to do 50 spreads of sketching in a sketchbook, and we could do sketches, we could do collages, we had to write about the places we saw. I applied for quite a few scholarships through the college of architecture, and I ended up getting two of them. They were both travel scholarships. I think every time you go somewhere where the culture is different, beliefs are different, religion is different, you realize all those differences, but you also realizes that everyone is kind of just like you. It’s important for design in architecture because you gain an understanding of the world and of people and we’re designing for people, but I think it’s important just in general. I mean, it changes your mind. (upbeat music)