VO: Students at Penn State are seizing opportunities,
whether it be through the huge variety of clubs, sports, or Greek life, students
are involving themselves here at University Park. And while there are a lot
of things offered here on campus, what about the things outside of State College? Have
you ever thought about studying abroad? Ive done it, and over 17 hundred students are
currently studying abroad right now through Penn State global programs. Andrew Gabriel
is a former Penn State student and his job is
to get students talking. A lot of students will be surprised at how
many different options there are, in many different countries, and again we can meet
all kinds of needs of a student whether its academically, financially, personally, so
I would just encourage every student to come in
and talk to us. VO:A student can gain a lot of knowledge from
speaking with other students or an advisor about studying abroad, especially someone
such as Andy, who has been abroad himself. I studied abroad in the Middle East in Jordan
in fall 2010 and when I came back that experience really changed the way I that viewed
the Middle East. Lots of students, including myself, can relate
to Andy and agree that there are a lot of ways studying abroad can change your perspective
about a country, its people, and their culture. In the spring of 2012 I studied abroad
in Seville, Spain, to practice and improve my Spanish by being in a native country.
During my four months in Spain, I stayed with an older Spanish woman, named Franci,
in her home in the city. My classes were all taught in Spanish, and the total immersion
really helped to improve my language skills. I also had the opportunity to travel around
Spain with my program to places like Granada, Cadiz, Mallorca, and to other places outside
of Spain. Barbara Rowe, explains what a student learns from studying overseas. You dont really understand your own culture,
your own history, your own country, until you see it through the eyes of someone else,
or you see it from a distance from another country, and you can begin to compare.